Wow, I can't believe we are already in 2010. I can only imagine what things await me this year. I am thinking that Logan might walk this year:) I picture him to be a 2 year old who thinks, "why should I walk when this lady will carry me?"...my back hurts just thinking about it.

Logan got his second tooth about 2 weeks after his first one. They are there and they are SHARP!! He is like a little piranha. Since he has teeth now, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give him some biter biscuits. Maybe they should be renamed to "death trap throat lodgers"...I don't know, does that sound too scary to market??

Why am I being so harsh to the poor little biter biscuits, well, let me explain. I bought two different kinds and I was sooo excited to get them home and watch Logan be quickly covered with mushy goo. Dave, being his skeptical self, had to bite one himself in an attempt to see if these "unbreakable" biscuits would, well, break. They passed the test and were handed over to Logan's eager hands.

I watched him suck and gnaw with joy and I noticed the mush beginning to break off and cover his hands and high chair tray. Then, suddenly, he began to choke. I brushed it off and went over to him thinking it was just for a second. However, he continued to choke and I panicked and stuck my finger in his throat to possibly clear a chunk, but instead, he blew chunks. I am talking projectile all the way to my shoulder throw up. Even after this, he was still choking!!

Just then Dave asked what was going on from the other room and I yelled for his help. By this time, I was in full freak out mode and for a split second I thought about calling 911. Dave held him sideways face down towards ground and put his finger to try and get something. Two more times Logan spewed all over and finally, it was gone...whatever it was?? I was so relieved and didn't even care that I was covered in vomit. Dave, however, turned from scared to angry. I thought he was going to put the biscuits in the driveway and drive over them!!

Now Dave is leary about giving Logan anything that isn't pureed. I, too am scared to try it again, but I know that he has to start eating something with a little more texture. I guess it will happen when it should and Logan will let us know when he is ready. For now, Cheerios are taking the back seat.

Other than that, nothing too exciting. He just chills. He likes to be surrounded by his toys and he just rotates them in and out of his mouth. If he has something and then you pick something up and start playing with it, he instantly throws what he has down and reaches for your toy. Kinda bratty and cute at the same time.

He has also started looking for us when we leave the room (or his eyesight). It makes playing peek-a-boo so much more fun. He is such a little ham.

Oh, big step for mommy and daddy. We put him in his room in his crib. He has been sleeping great in there...unlike me. I have this fear that someone is going to break in our house and steal him in the night (someone has been watching too much of the Lifetime channel). I am getting better. He is probably in heaven to be on a real mattress and not that crappy cardboard pack n' play.

I wish we would have taken him out in the snow, but I am sure we will have another opportunity for that.

Barn door's open!

How can I get that camera into my mouth???

License to drool...

Lovin my bouncy!!

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