Hello Blog, it's me, Kylee???

Ooops, I kinda forgot all about this blog. Been a little preoccupied I suppose. I am 26 weeks along and will be 27 weeks on Sunday!!! Now that it is summer I am guessing that these weeks are going to go even quicker than before. I am feeling great, zero complaints...in the pregnancy department at least:) This little guy is quite rambuncious and keeps my belly moving all day long!!!

Logan is doing great, we just has his 2nd birthday 2 weeks ago. He is getting so big and starting to talk so much!! Last night at dinner I was trying to tell Dave a story, but I kept laughing because Logan was trying to repeat everything I was saying. It is still cute, but it might not be so cute if he repeats something that I don't want the world to know:)

Logan showing me how old he is on his birthday!!!

We recently got his big boy bed set up though we are not planning on moving him to it for a while. He loves his crib and sleeps so well in it that I don't really see the rush. Honestly, I think that Dave and I were more excited about the bed than Logan was, actually, I know we were. We have just been trying to get him to hang out in his big boy room a little bit and maybe start to get used to it. He likes when we read him books in there.

Logan crawling around on his new BIG BOY bed in his soon to be BIG BOY room:)

Logan has already made quite a few trips to the lake and loves to be out in the boat on the water. He usually just passes out.

Sound asleep after a nice boat ride.

Hanging at the cove. Don't worry, not party cove...at least not yet:)

Naptime?? I think not mommy.

Long Day!!

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