BIG BROTHER, little brother....

I am so very excited to announce that Logan is going to be a big brother to a little brother! We went to the Dr on Good Friday and saw the goods. Mr Bun Jr is growing and looking great. Like always, there is one small, or I prefer tiny, concern. They are going to have us go back on Tuesday, May 24th to check a small echogenic spot of Bun Jr's heart. The Dr did not seem too concerned and did not refer us to a perinatalogist at this point. We will get to see our little man at this next appt and hope that all will be just fine!!!

As of last Thursday I am FINALLY starting to feel more movement. I found out at my last appt that my placenta is anterior yet again, so that can muffle the kicks and punches from my tiny ninja warrior:)

We have decided to give the baby Logan's room since it looks babyfied and get moving on making Logan his very own stylish big boy room. Equipped with bunk beds and all the big boy fixins;) Of course the ladder to the top bunk will not be attached any time soon. We are not going to switch him right away, but at least get him used to the idea of it being his very own room so he doesn't feel like we are booting him out of his current room.

I feel like a bohemeith, however, I realize that the fact that I can still sleep on my belly means I am not even close to where I am going to be. I am pretty sure I am going to gain a little more with this bun, but that is alright with me, I will sacrifice my is well worth it.

I have lots of pics to post, but I have been a little busy lately. I am going to try my hardest to get this blog up and running again!!!!

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