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Wow, this is quite possibly the longest hiatus I have ever taken from my blog. I guess the holidays and snow and cabin fever really kept me busy! I am always excited for spring, but this year I am practically crawling out of my skin waiting for it to get here. I am DONE with winter!!! Logan is so ready to go outside and play and right now our yard is a pile of mushy goo.

Logan did get his first hair cut with clippers. Usually, Kala cuts his hair with her scissors and it never gets too short. Well, this time she got half way through and he was not having any more. He had a lopsided haircut and a bad attitude. The only solution was to bring out the clippers. I didn't really know what to expect since I am not familiar with men's haircut terminology. I don't know the difference between a "5" and a "3".

Logan's new do...

I am so ready for all this snow to melt and be gone!!! It was nice getting a few snow days at home with Logan. We pretty much stayed in our jammies all day.

Logan and his best friend Harry, or as Logan would say, "ourrie".

So, I am eager to start documenting things other than Logan on this blog, but in order to do so, I need to get this blog up to speed. After years on infertility and miscarriages and finally getting Logan through IVF, I am pregnant again! We were in no way trying or even in negotiations for more kids. It was a pleasant surprise. Dave and I were kind of in shock, like why all of the sudden does my body decide it wants to do this?? I am obviously not the one in charge here, I simply work for my body:) I am just over 8 weeks so very early, but we have already heard the heartbeat and seen the tiny blob of an embryo. I am not really sure when we will get the opportunity to see bun #2 again, but I hope it will be soon!!!

Compared to my pregnancy with Logan it is very similar, except for the nausea started about 2 weeks earlier and it is a little bit stronger. I am still nauseous throughout the entire day and extremely constipated:( NO FUN!!! Hopefully, by time the 2nd trimester is here I will be feeling much better. This is all new to me. With Logan I was under constant supervision and giving myself shots and monitoring and this time it's like, yep, your pregnant, see you in a couple months.

I am so excited to experience this pregnancy from a different perspective and I am so eager to see what Logan thinks of it all.

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