Movin on up....

17 weeks today. I can not wait until I hit 20 and I will be 1/2 way!!! Only 3 weeks away. So, I know I am crazy and should probably be put in a mental ward, but I can't stop worrying about the gender of our baby. I know that they are saying boy and I saw the little thingamajigger, but I keep hearing these stories of women who thought one way and then it was WRONG!!! AHHHH!!! If that were true our little girl would have to be a cross dresser:) I am sure that they are right, I mean they are trained, educated, experienced, and knowledgeable...right??? Aye carumba...I am coming to the conclusion that I just like to worry, I worry about the dumbest things....I have not an ounce of trust in medical professionals. Somebody slap me!!!

Here is what Mr Bun looks like this week, but cuter;)

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