Good Day Sunshine!!!

Yesterday's appointment proved to be our first at the perinatal where we both walked out of there with big smiles on our faces!! Mr Bun is looking GREAT!! He was moving around all over the place, at one point he had his feet up by his mouth...maybe he bites his toenails like his Aunt Kala:):) He is weiging in at 1 pound 8 ounces (51 percentile) and is still measuring about 3-4 days ahead. More importantly, the cyst is gone!! The Dr was quick to note that those cysts do resolve themselves so the fact that it is gone is neither here nor there, but it was definitely better then it getting bigger or there being another one. He also said that my risk ratio drops back to where it was before the cyst was noticed at the last appointment:):) The usually stoic and matter-of-fact doctor was much more light-hearted at this appointment. He even said, "me likey, likey" while looking at Mr Bun's heart. It was odd and funny all at the same time!!

Tomorrow I will be 24 weeks which, depending on the specialist, is often considered the viability stage. This means that if Mr bun were to be born after this point he would have a much higher chance of surviving in the NICU. Obviously, as much as I want to meet him I am not ready for him to get here yet, but it is nice to know he could pull through if need be.

He was not really cooperating, but we managed to get a few shots (thanks to our friendly tech)...

Maybe he is waving at us???

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