Twitchy Twitchy Eye ya ya ya...

New symptom of pregnancy....eye twitching, but only in the right eye. I am not sure if this is common in pregnancy or if I just need some rest, but it is driving me crazy!! Not to mention I feel like ol' crazy eyes. I am sure that people can't see it, but I feel like it looks like I have a nervous tick or something?? I guess a measly little eye twitch should be the least of my problems.

28 weeks today!! Didn't I just post 27??? We got all of our baby furniture in and tonight we are going to get it all set up. The baby room is coming together nicely and though I am a bit demanding, I feel like I have been pretty easy on Dave. My personal opinion is that this baby room has been quite easy, however, I have mainly been supervising:)

I have noticed that every time I go to the bathroom Mr Bun kicks me the whole time. It made me wonder if the draining of my bladder repositions him?? He is probably all snuggly and then all of the sudden his home starts deflating??? I don't know, just an odd observation. I go to the Dr Saturday, but it will be a quick routine one, nothing exciting. I am excited that my monthly weigh in will take place in the morning instead of the evening after meals and snacks. That is sure to save me at least a lb:):)

BTW, I am in my third trimester...kind of a big deal!!!

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