Cruisin for a bruisin...

Logan is officially cruisin, but I am hoping that we can avoid any and all 'bruisin'...I don't know, he's pretty sure of himself;) He has been pulling up to his knees for a while and more recently pulling up on shorter things, but Saturday he just pulled himself up to the couch like it was no big deal. Once he was up, he just moved around and one handed it like a pro. I know that he is going to be a year, but this 'growing up' stuff is all happening so fast.

He now wants to pull himself up on to anything and everything. My mom says that he even made a few steps to her, but I am just blocking that out of my memory;)

Sunday, was my FIRST ever Mother's Day and to make it even more memorable, it was also the day that Logan was baptized. He did really good and to my surprise, he wasn't the oldest one there. Shannon and Audrey were in town and that made it even better. My sister and I got to share our first mother's day with our own mother!! It was absolutely beautiful outside!!!

All my single (and non single) ladies....and one lil man...

Logan and Audrey reading;)

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