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I know that I have been slacking, but we have been BUSY!!! Not just Logan is all over the place kind of busy, but actual trips and events busy. I don't even know where to begin.

Since Logan's birthday party, he has gone out on the boat two more times. Once, to Mark Twain with all his little friends and once to Lake of the Ozarks, where we got stuck in a quick approaching storm. He did great and really seems to love the water...we really aren't giving him the option to not like it:)

BBQ and swing set time (at his future wife's house) after a day at Mark Twain.

Chillin in his Lightning McQueen raft at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Dave and I took a trip to Vegas with some friends and successfully managed to make it three whole nights with out Logan. We missed him, but it was nice to have a little adult time. I am sure he didn't miss us too much, since he was busy being spoiled by the grandparents.

Dave and I at Hard Rock at the Kenny concert...though we did miss our lil man, we had a helluva good time;)

Logan also took his first trip on an airplane!!! He did great, even though it was only a 45 min flight to Chicago. He got to spend Audrey's first birthday with her. Logan and Audrey actually interacted this time around. They would use hand gestures and loud noises and then they would laugh...it was sooo cute.

Goofing around

Hanging out together

I think they were trying to figure out a way to get outside

One of the MAJOR milestones is that Logan is walking!! He started out slow (week of 7/19), but he has really picked up the pace since...still wobbly;) The first time he made a successful attempt was the Sunday after Dave and I had been at bachelor bachelorette parties (7/18). I was laying on the couch watching Logan and the tv when all of the sudden I heard Logan squeeling with delight. When I looked over at him he was walking his way towards the hallway. I couldn't believe it!!! I was scared at first that he was going to go down right onto the corner of the hallway wall, but excited when he made a safe landing. I think my excitment freaked him out a little bit, but it was a BIG deal!!!

One of the first videos of Logan's attempt at walking (7/20)

As if that wasn't a busy enough July, Logan's uncle Scott tied the knot and Logan got to put on the ritz for the special day. I don't have any pics of him in his tux yet, but they will be up soon.

Mommy & daddy on Scott & Amanda's wedding day...Logan pics to follow soon!

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