Busy Weekend

This weekend was Logan's first time ever to the park...wow, I feel like we are real slackers. We have him outside all the time, but we totally forgot about this playground that is minutes from our house. We will be making many repeat trips this fall!!!

He was in heaven!! Even though he is too little to enjoy all the cool features the park offered, he relished running free with a "no" nowhere in sight. The way he ran around like a crazy man you would never know that he blew chunks all over mommy that very morning. That's right, chunks, twice. All the milk, muffin, and fruit from breakfast made a reappearance:)

I didn't gag or freak, instead, I calmly removed Logan from his jammies and then SLOWLY took of my robe and tried to keep whatever I could off the carpet. I did a pretty great job. Somehow, I managed to get the giant purple stain out of the carpet too....GO MOMMY!!!

He was fine after the chunks incident and I am guessing it was just an uneasy stomach?? It was so nice to be at home and just hang out with nothing on our agenda...I kind of forgot how that felt.

First time at a REAL park with mommy and daddy.

Running cause I can...I am free!!!

Hmmm, not too sure about this slide??

Coolest park accessory ever...mommy and daddy both tried it out.

Whew, this park thing is wearing me out!!!

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