All Systems GO!!!

Transfer is still set for Oct 1st!!! The first is a good day right...I mean my birthday is Aug 1st and Dave's Bday is Sept 1st so this falls right in line:) Everything looks perfect, my lining is an 11 and anything over 7 is good....woo hoo!!!! I asked Dr A. what he thought about my transfer and how confident he felt about the thaw. He said he believes that they should all thaw well and that we should be able to transfer all three!! I realize that he is just a Dr and therefore can not see the future (though sometimes I feel like he should for the $ we pay) so I will just take his words and hold on to them and hope he is right!!! Now tonight I get to stick myself with needles of numerous shapes and sizes all the while swallowing down a handful of pills...sounds like fun right!?!?! Poor Dave will have to give me my butt shots every other night instead of every three nights.....wait a minute, poor Dave, more like poor butt!!!

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