Here we go again....

Okay, so this is my first post here (thanks to Jodie). I have been married for just over 5 years ~ together just over ten and we have spent almost three of those years trying to have a baby. We have been through lots of tests and blood work and disappointment, however, we have managed to remain our positive happy selves. It hasn't been easy, especially when everyone (literally) ended up pregnant and then delivered and then celebrated birthdays with their new families, but we celebrated and smiled with them (while we secretly wondered "what the #*@!").

I have to say, all in all, infertility has made us both so much stronger. As much sorrow as this journey has brought to us I would not take it back for anything!! It has defined me in ways that I am not sure many things can. I feel like I am really coming to terms with all of this, the anger and sadness that used to accompany it is slowing least until the next pregnancy announcement:):):)

I can not believe that October is a week away, and with the 1st day of October comes my transfer!!! How scary!!! I hate the fact that we will not know how our three little embies thawed until the day if I have that kind of patience, well I guess infertility has given me plenty of that:) I go to the Dr tomorrow to see how my lining is looking... hopefully it is nice and thick so that my embies have a comfy place to stay for 9 months;)

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