1st Trimester Screening

Due to my 4 previous miscarriages we had our 1st trimester screening yesterday. The screening looks at a series of ultrasounds and blood tests to determine if your baby is at a higher risk of having Down Syndrome, Trisomony 13, Trisomony 18, and other genetic/chromosomal abnormalities....fun right. It was so nice to see the baby in there moving around with a heart rate of 164 bpm. I was 12 weeks 5 days yesterday and the baby was measuring at 13 weeks 1 day so we have a grower in there:) We will not know the official results of the test until we get the blood work back which will not be until Mon or Tues. We go back to the perinatal January 6th and I will almost be 17 weeks along. The tech said that we will most likely find out the sex then!!!! Here are some of the pics of our little bun from yesterday.

Baby from front view...I don't know that I would use the word "adorable" with this one:):)

Full body profile....now this one is adorable:)

Side profile view with baby's hand by it's face....looks like it is scratching it's chin in deep thought.

My favorite....it looks like baby is sucking it's thumb...or maybe picking it's nose:):)

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Jennifer said...

Awesome pictures!
Thank you so much for sharing. I will be anxious to hear how things progress. Hopefully with the holidays right around the corner, that will help pass your time until the 7th of January!