I Am Living A Lie!!

It is true, I am an impostor!!! I have been walking around and pretending to be in my second trimester, but the Dr appt yesterday confirmed the truth....I am still in my 1st!! 14 weeks is the start. I blame this mistake on my ignorance and eagerness to claim the next step:):) So tomorrow, yes tomorrow, will be the third time that I have claimed to be in my second trimester, only this time it will be true;) As a third time 2nd trimesteree, I am sure it will be a smooth transition:)

Dr appt went great yesterday. It was my first time taking my first morning urine in. After carrying around a "full" sample cup all day long, she dipped in a tiny test strip, waited a second, said it looked normal and threw it all away. What a waste. Next time I will take a much smaller sample!! We got to hear the heartbeat beating away which is always nice. The Dr also mentioned that he could tell I was feeling better, was he some kind of mentalist I wondered, No, he could tell by the fact that I had gained some weight. We all have our ways and his proved to be pretty accurate I guess. So the next time I notice someone has packed on a few pounds I will just assume that they are feeling better;)

January 6th is still the date that will give my shopping a green light!!! I always thought I would be super cautious and not want to buy anything until closer to the end, but I am not so sure that is going to be the reality of things.

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