26 and counting.....

I have really been slacking with my posts lately!! It seems like things got really hectic all of the sudden. We have had so much going on in the last week. We have the baby room started and about 60% done. We were on a roll and then it all kind of came to a stand still. I know we have plenty of time, but I want to be able to relax once my belly is the size of a small country:) I have no intentions of being that woman who is 38 weeks pregnant and running around like a crazy lady trying to gets things finished (I believe this might be inevitable).

Our furniture is in New Jersey and should be picked up this week or next, so I am hoping that we will get it in the next week or two!!

I go back at 28 weeks and at that time the Dr will have me start doing daily kick counts twice a day. I am not quite sure of the procedure yet, but I have been practicing:) Then, at 32 weeks I will have a fetal non-stress test and will continue to have them EVERY week. I am actually excited about this part. You get to listen to the heartbeat and push a button when you feel movement. The Dr wants to see the correlation between the heart rate and movement. I have not researched yet, but I plan to be fully educated on the procedure come 32 weeks:)

Since Mr. Bun is in fact a mister, this week his testicles will make the journey to his scrotum, it takes a few days. I can already hear him saying, "MOM!!!" in an annoyed voice as if I am giving out too much personal info:):)

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