Too much belly in the pants.

The Dr appt yesterday confirmed that my belly's recent growth spurt was most likely caused by Mr Bun's most recent growth spurt. 4 weeks ago he weighed in at 1 lb 8 oz and as of yesterday he was at 2 lbs 14 oz!!! Last appt he was in the 50th percentile and this week he was in the 64th percentile. I am sure there are months of more and less growth. He was moving and kicking and acting a fool. You could see his little body jerking around and then I realized he had the hiccups...I could feel them, it was so neat (for me at least). They say that babies in the womb are not annoyed by hiccups like we are, but I wonder, how do they know that???

When the Dr came in he did not even do another u/s, he said that everything was looking great and to "keep up the good work". If by "good work" he means feeding this lil man adequate meals...I can easily continue that.

I have noticed that I have been getting a little more tired lately. My heartburn has also been getting a little stronger. A friend of mine recently made a really great point. She stated that the end of pregnancy has to get uncomfortable and unbearable or else we would never want our babies to leave the comfort of our wombs. It is easier to take on the separation after it has been taking its toll on your body in such a harsh way. I am sure the aches and pains of pregnancy are right around the corner for me, especially if he keeps growing so much!!!

I will be 28 weeks tomorrow which means that if I go 40 weeks I only have 12 left!!! So exciting!!

His profile:)

Still a boy..

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