8 weeks = 2 months = so soon!!!

8 weeks to full term!!! While I am anxious to meet him, I want him to stay put until he is good and ready to come out into this crazy world!! I had an appointment yesterday and his estimated weight is 4 lbs 4 oz. The Dr guessed that if he kept growing at the same rate he would be around 7 lbs 10 oz at 40 weeks. That sounds much better than his daddy's close to 10 lb birth weight!!! The ultrasound tech guessed that he would be right around 8 lbs so we will see how close they are.

During the ultrasound Mr Bun was more interested in sleeping than showing us that adorable little profile of his. The tech said, "We are not getting many good face shots, but we are getting a lot of penis shots". He was flashing us left and right. We got to see some of his hair floating around in the amniotic fluid which was pretty cool. Maybe I was right about all the hair giving me heartburn???

The non-stress test was easy. At first I was worried that he was not going to cooperate and that his movements would be limited, but after about 10 minutes he was kicking and twisting all over the place.

I will get some pics on here soon...maybe even one of me!!! Dave and I have been really bad about the belly pics, I am kind of bummed about it, but we just keep forgetting!!

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