Mr Bun is a lucky man.

We had our family showers this weekend and Mr Bun has lots of family that already care so much about him. Dave and I are so overwhelmed by the generosity and love from all of our family and friends. Seeing all the baby stuff in our house is so exciting. To know that we will be filling it all with our lil man is the best feeling ever...I just can't wait to meet him. Well, I have to say that I will miss being pregnant, it is the most amazing experience ever!! There is such a strong bond between the two of us already, I can't even imagine how much stronger it will get the instant I hold him.

Surprisingly, I did not cry while opening presents. There were a few times here and there when I teared up, but I guess there was too much happiness and excitement for me to even have time to get emotional. All smiles!!

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