Lil Man in Charge...

I am thinking that this lil guy is more aware of what is going on then people may think. He is turning out to be quite a defiant little one. Last night I woke up at 3 am to use the restroom (one of my many trips) and when I finally got all snuggled back in bed Mr Bun came down with a STRONG case of the hiccups. His body must have been right up to mine because his little hiccups were not little at all. They lasted for what seemed like FOREVER. I guess they were frustrating him too because he started kicking and moving while I was tossing and turning...sleep was no where in sight.

At my doctor appointment today I ate about an hour before the ultrasound like they suggest (to encourage fetal movement), however, once we got in there he was stubborn as a mule. He was not way, no how!!! When we finally got his face and not the back of his head his feet and hands were covering it. He went from not moving much during the ultrasound to trying to escape from my womb at the non-stress test. We could not keep his heartbeat on the monitor because he was jerking all around. I had to hold it in place and then move it to find his heart beat whenever he wiggled into a new position.

It was like he was doing the exact opposite of what we wanted...and loving every minute of it might I add:):):)

In two weeks I will be 2 days shy of 36 weeks and they will start checking my cervix. That to me is super exciting. To know that in as soon as 2 weeks my body could already be showing the signs of gearing up for labor is surreal.

Reading back on much earlier posts I kept wishing for this pregnancy to hurry up already, but now I am just loving every single day!!! Maybe it is a good thing I can't get pregnant easily or else I might be like the lady with 18 kids and counting:):)

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