Relaxation, here I come...

HOPEFULLY!!! I am finally going to have some down time after two straight months of plans; I am really looking forward to it. I am anxious to see if it all works out like I am envisioning it to:) I only have a few more occasions before the big day (assuming the big day doesn't come first). The main one is Dave's sister's wedding June 6th....did I mention I am a bridesmaid??? I have the final fitting for my dress May 19th and I am definitely a little nervous....hopefully we will not have to staple extra fabric in the back:):):) Here she comes, it's Miss America:)

I am hoping that the Dr gives me clearance to go to the Lake for Memorial Day weekend, I will not be on the boat, but it would be nice just to lounge by the pool and RELAX and go out for ice cream in the evening. Maybe we could even make a salt water taffy run to Grandma's Kitchen:) I think that even at 36 weeks pregnant I could still take Dave on in a game of putt-putt:)

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