Last week with my lil guy:(

This is my last official week with Logan, or as Dave would call him, the Logster:) I am in no way ready to leave him in the day, but I am sure it will all work out just fine...after a week of hysteria:) One thing I can say is that I am so grateful and lucky that I was able to spend 3 months with has been amazing. I know that our sitters will be great with him, even though no one can do it like mommy;) I think that part of me feels threatened that Logan will be getting used to someone other than me and that someone other than me gets to see Logan learning and changing.

Logan went for his 2 month appointment and got his first set of shots. I thought I would freak out and cry, but I was more worried about calming him down and making him feel safe. He is a beast:) He weighed 13 lbs 5.5 ounces and was 25 inches long. His weight was in the 84th percentile with his length in the 97th percentile and his little head was only in the 64th...looks like he didn't inherit daddy's noggin:)

He is smiling and laughing all the time. Nothing feels better than the instant gratification I feel getting him to smile. He is such a happy lil guy. His hair is really starting to come in too..I am keeping my fingers crossed he gets Dave's luscious locks:)

He is still sleeping in our room at night, but I am going to start "trying" to get him switched over to his room this week. I feel like I should try doing a few trial runs of getting up and ready for work.

We are taking him to the last Lake trip of the summer, but he won't be going out on the boat this year:)

In his jammies and ready for ni-night

Smilin for Aunt Kala

Hello gorgeous

Keepin it real

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