Missing my lil man!!!

Well, here I am back at work on my lunch hour and I have to say it is weird to have an hour all to myself...I don't know what to do:) My mom stayed at home with Logan today so that made the transition back to work pretty easy!! I just tried not to think about it as I headed out the door. I have only teared up a few times today when talking about him. I brought in lots of pictures so that I can look at him all day long. I am so excited to get home and snuggle with him and smother him with kisses!!

Today is Dave's 30th so we are planning on going out to dinner, but we will see how that goes, we might be ordering out so I can stay in with Logan. Thankfully, this is a short week and then I have a three day weekend and another short week...hopefully that helps things.

I just don't want him to forget about me:(

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