Odd mom out

I am beginning to think that Logan and Dave are conspiring against me. Dave and I have been taking turns every other night doing the night feeding(s). Well, it just recently became a joke that on Dave's night he is like clockwork, up at 3:30 and then not up again until around 6:30 when I am getting ready for work, but on my night there is no rhyme or reason to anything. The scary thing is that this joke is becoming a reality!! Lately, on my nights Logan will wake up at some random hour like 1:30 or 2:00 and then he wants to get up again at like 5:00 which is before my alarm goes off, but not enough time to really go back to sleep before it does:( NO FAIR!!! All I want is a little sleep, is that too much to ask??? I would not know what to do with 6 consecutive hours!!!

One exciting thing in the last week is that Logan is getting sooo much better at holding his head up while on tummy time. I just can't believe it!! Last night we sat him on his butt and put his hands on his knees and he chilled there for a few seconds until he started slowly falling to one side...TIMBER!!! It is just so funny how these tiny little advancements get us soooo excited!!

He has also been giving us some of the cutest belly laughs!! He has to be in a perfect mood though. The other night while I was rocking him to bed he laughed in his sleep...wonder what he was dreaming about...maybe that photographer;)

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