3 Months

Logan is three months today. I can't believe it, then again, even though it went by so fast I feel like he has been part of our lives for longer than 3 months. That whole sleeping through the night thing...that must have been some kind of sick joke because I haven't experienced anything like that since my post...maybe I jinxed myself:)

Our little man is going to get his pictures taken tonight and I can't wait to dress him in something other than a sleeper. He has been getting much better at holding his head up, however, I have come to the conclusion that he really has no desire to do so. When we put him on his tummy for a split second it looks like he is actually going to lift his head up, but then he finds he hand and is content to sit there and eat it. He is a lounge lizard. I think his first word might be, "whatever":)

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