Poor Bubby!!!

Well, maybe I am psychic. I was just complaining about my nights being bad and Dave's being gravy and guess what...Thurs night= my night= BAD!!! Poor little Logan was so stuffy that his congestion kept waking him up. Now that I am awake and it is day I can sympathize with the little guy, but last night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. He was waking up almost every hour:( Then, when I had to suction his nose he was getting so pissed...why in the world can't infants blow their own noses?? It would make life so much easier if he could hock a loogie and get it over with:)

He is lucky that he is cute b/c for that small reason I let him get by with it instead of locking him the basement...j/k:):)

We went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out that Logan most likely caught his first cold (from Daddy) and that in turn has created a small or mild ear infection. He has not been fussy, just stuffy so hopefully we caught it in time and the antibiotics will do their job. Speaking of antibiotics, what is up with the pink amoxycillin...half of it ends up on Logan's face and clothes. He is usually not picky when you are giving him something to drink, but he is not too fond of that stuff.

Here are some pics...some old, some new, but ALL adorable:)

Showing their love for Missouri teams!!!

Hangin with Aunt Kelli

Snack time!!

Cousins...Audrey is already gabbing his ear off:)

Not quite there yet:)

Reading the paper with daddy

Hmmm, very interesting...

Tastes like chicken

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