Mr. Curious

This morning Logan's babysitter text me a picture of Logan. I love getting to see him and what he is doing in the day, but even more exciting is the fact that he is rolling over on his side to watch Will. Will is only a few months older than Logan so I am sure that now that Logan is more aware of his surroundings he will be VERY interested in Will and what he is doing.

Rolling on his side to get a better look at what is going on!

We took Logan to Applebee's on Friday and the last time we went out for dinner and Logan woke up we had to hold him like a baby, well, this time it was funny to see him sitting up like a big boy at the table. He was fascinated by all the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. He was staring at the waiters and waitresses as they rushed around.

Hmmmm, he is not quite sure about something:)

I am wondering if he is going to start teething soon because, as you can see in the pictures, he constantly has his fingers in his mouth.

I just can't believe how quickly he is changing every day. He is babbling all the time and loves to watch the TV. I know some people say this is bad to let him do, but he always seems to find the TV when it is on. I think it is good for him to watch the bright colors and follow the different shapes on the screen. Some of his faves are The Backyardigans and Wow Wow Wubzy...I am growing quite fond of them too:)

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