Bring on the food

Since Logan has been snotty for over a week, the doctor wanted to see him to make sure he didn't have an ear infection. His ears looked great and the doctor said he might just have a sinus infection, but that everything else looked perfect. With his clothes on he was at 20 lbs 11 oz, which explains why I have to switch arms every few minutes when I am holding him:)

The doctor also said that it would be OK to let him try some of the Thanksgiving favorites such as mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and maybe even a little taste of pumpkin pie:)

I can't wait to have 4 whole days with him.

I am signing him up for the infant swim lessons. They do not start until January, but I am really excited to get him the water and get him ready for the summer.

Much love for my momma

Fist bumps!!

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Joan Crawford said...

Ahhh! That is one cute baby! I love your captions (much love for my momma - LOL!) Congratulations on your beautiful baby! With my first, I remember being all "I can't wait until he walks and talks!"

What the hell was I thinking!? :D

Oh, by the way - I used to mix in sweet potatoes or fruit with the boring veggies. Sounds gross but you'd be surprised what babies find palatable. Like toes, for example...