1/2 a year!!

Logan will be 6 months on the 8th of this month and I have no idea how we got here so soon. I realize that it gets better and better, but I must admit I am freaking out because I can't imagine how it could possibly get better...I am missing this age already!!! Some days when he is crabby and wants me to hold him while I am trying to get things done I get a little frustrated. I have to remind myself to enjoy the opportunity to hold him now because soon enough he will squirm out of my arms when I want to hold him most!! He is just such a sweet little guy and I love nothing more than smothering him in kisses!!!

We took him to get his 6 month pictures and he was very sleepy. We didn't get many big smile shots, but we did get some cute ones.

Tomorrow is Dave's work party where he will have his first encounter with Santa Claus...I am very excited to see how this goes!! He is not really old enough to get freaked out and cry, well, we will see:)

Now that the weather is getting cold I am going to have to get used to bundling him up, I have been spoiled with all the nice mild weather. He doesn't seem to mind hats, he actually laughs when you put them on. Last weekend we went to look for a tree and he was all bundled up (hat, jacket, and even mittens) and I carried him around in the Baby Bjorn. That ended up being quite the workout and my legs were sore for like 3 days. I think I need to start doing squats while holding him:)

Here are some of his 6 month pics...

Step into my office...

My tootsies are my bff's!!!

Sittin up like a BIG BOY!!

Here are some of the outtakes that didn't make the cut...

NO MORE PICTURES...sooo sad:(

Maybe if I act like I am sleeping this lady with stop taking pictures??

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The Emersons said...

Those are so adorable! You guys did good!