Break on through....

Logan has his first tooth!! I could feel a little something the Wednesday before Christmas and each day it became more and more obvious. It is his left bottom tooth and it looks like the one next to it might be coming in soon too. I hope I don't jinx myself by saying this, but he has been a tough little guy through all of it. I was expecting the worst...I guess that could all change with tooth #2, we will see.

He is really fascinated by all of the snow we have been getting. He loves to look out the window at it, he also loves to put his face to the cold glass and try to lick it:)

He has been loving all of his new Christmas goodies. He loves the table where you have to stand to play with everything. He is doing really good on his legs, but he can't stand by himself for a long time. If he had his choice he would stand all day, but he gets a little too heavy for mommy to hold up after a while.

One of his favorite new toys

Shake what your momma gave ya...

His cousin is showing him how to work a laptop:)

Watching the snow with Harry.


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