Busy Man

Logan's new favorite hangout is the gate at the stairs. When Logan chases Harry, Harry knows that his only safe haven from tail pulling is behind the gate. After a few times of fleeing for his life, Logan caught on to where Harry was going and now grabs the rails and shakes them and dances. It is not really my favorite place for him to be, but what can you do...besides make sure the gate is tightly secured.

Here kitty kitty kitty:)

Shannon, Matt, and Audrey were all in the Lou for Easter. It was sooo much fun. Logan and Audrey were so much more interactive compared to how they were at our February trip. What a difference a month and a half makes. It is just going to get better and better.

We took them for a wagon ride through the neighborhood, but they pretty much just wanted what the other one had the whole time. Still, it was fun. Wish we could do it more often.

Easter is no different than any other holiday in the fact that we have 4 houses to go to. We started at the first house at 11:30 and made our stops about 2 hours at a time not including drive time. We got home right at 9 and Logan was BEAT!! He didn't wake up during the transfer out of the carseat and onto our bed. He had rug burn on his shins and tops of his feet from all the crawling. It was the first holiday where he could get around and not be passed around from person to person the whole time. I think he liked it much more that way:)

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