I like to move it, move it...

Quite literally, Logan is a mover and a shaker. He loves to get down with the get down and shake his booty and more recently, he is crawling. He started on Thursday the 25th of March, to be exact. I didn't think the day would come. He had been able to go backwards, but it was like it clicked and he just figured it out. He is still not the fastest thing on four limbs, but he can definitely get to what he wants, especially all of the things that he is not supposed to have.

Who wants toys when you can play with power cords. He LOVES cords, which is pretty scary, especially when they are plugged in. We take them away and move him by his toys and he just laughs and trucks right back to the cords. He will do it over and over again and then he cries when he realizes that he really can't play with them.

It is just the beginning, I am aware of it. It is kind of nice that you get a little window to adjust before they master the art of crawling. It still takes him a while to get from point A to B, but soon enough, I will be running after him.

One of the first ever crawls. He has already gotten quicker in just a few days...uh-oh:)

Starting to play with some of the toys he didn't understand before.

He looks sad...we probably just moved him away from the power cords:)

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