That ain't no Baby Ruth....

Logan's new favorite thing to do is to poop in the tub...yeah, gross right! He has done it three times now!! It is gross, but there is nothing we can do about it. It's not like we can stop giving him a bath. Now that we are getting more familiar with the signs, maybe we can start putting him on the toilet when we see the "poop stance". Sounds weird, but he lifts his butt up and looks like he is going to try standing up. He might have fooled us before, make that 3 times, but we are catching on:)

Caught on tape... (don't worry, no actual feces will debut in this clip)

Logan looks soooo much like his daddy!!

Logan is still not crawling, but he is getting around. He might be a little directionally challenged. He goes backwards instead of forward.

The Reverse Worm

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