Chi Town!!!

Last month we took a trip up to Chicago so that Logan and Audrey could do a little bonding. Though they seem so much bigger and so much more interactive, they really didn't seem to be interested in one another. Well, at least it looked that way. I honestly believe that they were taking each other in.

Logan was not feeling it the first night that we were all together. Every time Audrey would start talking, Logan would pucker up and start to cry. It was pretty hilarious. I just know that the older they get the closer they will become.

Logan has not been feeling too well. He currently has a double ear infection, poor little man. This means that we are pretty much getting no sleep, but somehow, I am getting used to it. I guess I have no choice:) He ran a fever Friday, but still seemed in good spirits. He is totally normal in the day, but in the middle of the night he wakes up screaming. You can just tell that it is a "I'm in pain" cry and it makes me so sad. He is on amoxycillin, so I am hoping that kicks in soon. The doctor will take another look to make sure they are better on Tues for his 9 month appointment. WHAT?!?! 9 MONTHS!!! That sounds crazy!! How have we already covered three quarters of his first year?

It is crazy how quickly this first year is going. Though it is sad to see my little man grow up so quickly, it is also very exciting to watch him grow and learn. His new thing is dancing. When he hears music he starts moving his hips. However, no music is required, he also like to shake it in the tub:)

You can find me in the tub...

Hanging with my cuz (notice the paparazzi flashes)

You can tell they are cousins, look at those matching kankles:)

Getting warmed up to each other

The last morning together:(

Posing for the cameras

Sleeping on our way back to the Lou

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The Emersons said...

Your blogs crack me up! I love the videos... and hearing what you have to say in the background! I had to laugh at the dancing in the tub... and then Logan getting ready for a poo! LOL! Keep them coming girl! He is getting so big! Too cute!