Three Quarters Through

Logan is already 3/4 through his first year of life. It has been quick, but it has been fun. I can remember back to when he was three months and I thought that I would never get back into a normal routine, but here we are, chugging along like I have been doing this whole "mom" thing for years.

Still no crawling, but he is getting closer and closer. He no longer just sits on the floor. Instead, he makes attempt after failed attempt to get around. He leans over and gets on all fours and then he rocks like a mad man, but to no avail. He is getting there slowly and I am going to let it happen in it's own sweet time. I have this suspicion that once he gets going he will never stop...never:)

He still loves trolling around the house in his Jeep. He goes from room to room looking for you if you are calling his name and he screams and laughs once he finds much fun!!! He loves to be outside, but the nice weather has been teasing us a bit.

Still no progress on the solid foods. We told the Dr at his 9 month appt about his choking and the Dr gave us the obvious answer that he probably wasn't ready. I am sure he thought we were dumb for asking, but so many people have this fixation with giving their kids finger foods.

I think that soon he will be eating them with his new set of chompers. He just recently got two teeth on top and now two more are coming through. He is going to have 4 on top and 2 on bottom. If he can't chew with those then he destined for a life of mushy goo:)

Some of his 9 month pictures...

Standing up on his tippy toes

Looks like such a big boy

A few of the ones that won't be hanging on the wall...

Lady, back up off me

Um, a little help here!!

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