Fruit puffs are just as I thought...demonic puffs of fruit!! Now that I think of it, it doesn't even look like there is any fruit in them. Last night Logan ate one puff, no problem. He chewed it up with those two bottom teeth and swallowed it down. The second puff, not so much. It seemed like he was trying to swallow it whole and though they are quick dissolving, they didn't dissolve quick enough. At first he was doing a half cough and then a coughing gag. That is the scariest, it is hard not to panic when he does that. Before either one of us could get a finger in his mouth, he spewed everywhere. Once again, the vomit served as a relief and Logan just smiled at us like, "relax people, I got this all under control.".

Looks like the menu has gotton smaller:)

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