Steppin it up

Logan has really been getting active lately. He could already roll from his back to his belly, but now he can roll back onto his back. He doesn't really understand this though. If he rolls onto his belly he will get all pissy and make no attempt at rolling himself back over, even though he can. If he is on his belly he can move himself in a big circle to get whatever it is he wants in his mouth. He can't pull his own knees up, but if we put him on his hands and knees he can stay up on all fours for quite a while...without face planting...always a plus:)

I am not done, he has also figured out how to put one foot in front of the other as if he were walking. We bought him a little Jeep walker and I think that has helped him get better at moving with his feet. He has been sleeping in his bed and I have been sleeping much better. My fears of him being kidnapped in the night are slowly subsiding.

It's a Jeep thing...

He is getting bigger and bigger. He weighs in over 24 lbs and he is wearing some 18 month clothes. I am waiting for his growth to start tapering's gonna happen;)

Snuggling to his frog, his new favorite position.

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