Teeny Tiny Bites

Last night Logan ate his first little fruit puff all by himself. Due to the trauma that the biter biscuits inflicted on us, we haven't been letting him near those little puffs of terror, but we realized that Logan had to learn sooner or later. We didn't want him to be the only kid in grade school with a liquid lunch everyday!!

We have been giving him the fruit puffs for a while, but they usually serve as a means for entertainment and not so much for snacking. What I mean by this is that he tries his hardest, but they never make it to his mouth. He picks them up and tries to switch them to the other hand, but they usually get lost in the transition.

However, last night, he put it right in his mouth and ate it. It took him a while to swallow it, but after moving it all around in his mouth, it was gone. And to my relief, he didn't choke on it. Guess fruit puffs are here to stay:)

He is eating his finger, but the puff is actually in his hand.

Where there is a will, there is a way...Logan ate his first puff!!

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