The most wonderful time of the year...

Don't ask my how, but I actually forgot about this blog. Here we are with only 6.5 weeks left in 2010. I am so excited to watch Logan enjoying the holidays this year. Whenever we go into a Home Depot or Lowe's he can hardly contain his excitement over the Christmas decorations.

I am eager to put him in the car with a Starbucks (mine of course) and go look at Christmas lights. Maybe he will actually eat some of the scrumptious food that accompanies Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

He was a monkey for Halloween this year and loved all the kids in costume. He loved them so much that he cried every time they left. We had to take the passing out of the candy to the front porch so that he could watch everyone. Instead of crying when the trick or treaters left, he ran after them laughing.

Chasing Trick or Treaters (notice the little girl that pats him on the head, too cute).

This face cracks me up!!

Momma and her lil monkey!!

Logan with Auntie Kala and Auntie Kelli:)

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