She's blinded me with science!!!

We took out first trip to the Science Center with the Logster on Veteran's Day!! We were both worried that he would be too little to enjoy it, but he LOVED it. He was able to run around and touch whatever he wanted without hearing a "no" once. Well, maybe once;) It was such a beautiful Day, especially for mid November.

He was a little skeptical of the giant T Rex, but he loved the earthquake demo and the giant "mousetrap" like track in the entry. We will definitely be going back!!

Getting acquainted with a T Rex...

Hmmm, this Stegosaurus isn't so scary (it was the bones).

Touch the SKY!!!

Flying high on Daddy's shoulders

Plumbers crack:)

We all went to the Ameristar buffet for grandma's birthday. Logan really enjoyed the dessert selection (note the chocolate face and the chocolate smeared camera lens).

Ready for my close up....

Cheesin with my gappy, yet adorable, smile:)

A ham??? Who me???

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