Blobs and nubs are sooooo cute:)

After randomly switching OB's last year, I have decided to return back to old faithful...Dr S. I felt so comfortable there and familiar with the surroundings and people. It was nice to be greeted and to have people ask, "how old is that baby of yours now?!" they knew and cared about me!! I felt like a bit of a traitor when they told me I was late on my annual and I had to tell them that I already had one...oops:)

We got to see Bun Jr. again!! It was still a blob, but this time nubs for the limbs had sprouted and were being wiggled all around with glee. It was the busiest nubby blob I think I have ever seen:) The heart rate was nice and loud and fast, 188 bpm. There is nothing more reassuring than that!!!! I've fallen in love all over again!!

Don't be fooled, I am still a paranoid freak. I still have my heartbeat monitor from Logan's pregnancy and it has already been used. I didn't know if I would hear anything at 10 weeks, but after moving the monitor all around only to hear my slow heartbeat...there it was!!! The fast, beautiful rhythm of Bun Jr's heart!!!

We let Logan listen even though we realized that he wouldn't know what he was hearing. He was bound and determined to get that doppler!!! When you ask him where the baby is, he lifts up his shirt and touches his belly, you have to be more specific and ask where "mommy's baby" is for him to point to my belly. So cute.

Later that day, I was walking down the hallway when I spotted Logan sitting on the floor with his shirt pulled up and the doppler on his belly!!! It was pretty priceless, wish I could have snapped a photo!!

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