I'll Tumble For Ya...

Logan has grown quite fond of taking tumbles. Usually, they are the kind where we can bribe away the tears with a pack of Shark Bites, but yesterday...not so much. Dave called me while I was on my way home and sounded a little concerned about a cut on Logan's chin. Logan fell in the bathroom and landed on his chin on the entryway to the shower. Now, there have been many spills that looked as if nothing less than a broken bone or two could come out of them, but this was just an innocent little fall.

At first sight, it looked like there was no damage and Logan didn't even seem that upset, but after further inspection, there was indeed a cut. A slice of skin right where the flabby double chin is. Thankfully, I wasn't home yet or else Dave and I would have freaked each other out. From my spot in the car I imagined it was nothing and that Dave was overreacting. Even after I got home and saw it, I really didn't think much of it, but I figured we might as well take him to the urgent care...just to make sure.

Turns out, you can't use the glue stitches at that spot of the chin or it will break open when there is chewing and drool can interfere with it. I still figured they would just throw a butterfly bandage on it, but my heart dropped when the Dr said he would only need 3 or 4 stitches....ONLY!!!! I couldn't believe it!!

It was absolutely horrible!!! We had to strap him down to the table and into this papoose thing. He was terrified and I just wanted to hug him. I couldn't help but cry and I couldn't bear to watch them sew his chin up. Meanwhile, Dave played the strong father role and watched every bit of it and reassured Logan that it was OK. As soon as they were done, the roles reversed. I picked up Logan and was fine and Dave looked white as a ghost and needed cold water and to sit down. Mom always prevails:)

Logan was fine and actually tried following the Dr into his office on our way out...as if he hadn't had enough:)

Dave and my nerves were shot. Not how we expected to spend our evening and hopefully not a foreshadow of what is to come. This might make Dave think twice about being so eager to get Logan on a dirt bike...wishful thinking from mommy.

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