Power of Prayer???

Ok, so a coworker of mine said she found a study that split women trying to get pregnant into two groups. One group of women had people praying for them and the other half did not. Results showed that there was a larger number of women who got pregnant from the prayer group....hmmmmm....anyone feel like praying for me?? St Gerard is the Patron Saint of Motherhood so all impregnation requests should go directly to him:)

Prayer For Special Blessings

Dear Saint Gerard we rejoice in thy happiness and glory; we bless the Lord Who endowed thee with the choicest gifts of His Grace; we congratulate thee for corresponding so faithfully with them. Obtain for us, we pray thee, some part of thy angelic purity, thy burning love for Jesus in the Tabernacle, thy tender devotion to Mary Immaculate. In thy brotherly love which made thee the support of the poor, the comforter of the afflicted and the apostle of the most forsaken souls, grant me the favors for which I now pray. (Here mention them privately)O most Powerful Patron, who hast always helped those who prayed to thee intercede for me before the Throne of God. O Good Saint, to thee I confide my fervent prayers; graciously accept them and, before the end of these days of prayer, let me experience in some way the effects of thy powerful intercession. Amen.

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