History in the making!!!

ELECTION DAY!!! Dave and I were at the polls at 5:30 and I was very surprised as to how many people were there. My vote has been placed....now we wait!! Will we know tonight??? What ever happened to the elections where you would stay up late waiting for the winner. Nowadays it seems like there is always some problem and we don't find out until later in the week. With all this new voting technology isn't it supposed to get easier???

It is weird to think that who I vote for and who wins this election will impact the life of my unborn child. I want my child to have the same opportunities as everyone else. I want them to grow up in a country that they can be proud of and realize that we are ALL Americans....no one is better than anyone else!!!! We all count....and so do your votes!!!! GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!!!! Our children's future depends on it!!!

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