9 weeks today:) This has been the longest week ever. I got a call from one of the nurses at Dr A's office Tuesday and my most recent blood work came back showing that my NK levels are still elevated. I pushed my way in for an infusion Wednesday...I am getting really good at being demanding and pushy:) Further proof of that is that I got an appointment for another u/s on Thurs the 20th....woo hoo, looks like I don't need you Tom Cruise!!! Of course the nurse acts like I have no idea what I am talking about. They just assume that everyone has the same cookie cutter pregnancy and they have no idea what your background is, nor do they act like they care....very frustrating!! I would have to say that I am not every pregnancy...while we might not be labeled "high risk" we have still been through enough to make us look at things a little differently. My whole hearted trust in doctors has been replaced with the sense that I am my best advocate and therefore I have to remain proactive with my care.

I am still feeling good....I still have the daily nauseau, however, I am just learning to deal with it. It gives me that reassurance that things are still moving along....when I am not nauseous I get a little worried, but am put at ease when the urge to blow chunks comes back....isn't life great!!!:)

Only 6 more days until we get to see our little bun again!!!

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Jennifer said...

Hey there!
I am so happy for you!
So, are you going to your OB for the nex appointment? How exciting!
We loved our OB and then also saw Dr. Bartlesmeyer's office too for the twins.

kyleej891 said...

My friend went to Bartlesmeyer and Moore...she loved the peri center at St. John's!!! I really like the OB and the NP, however, the nurse I talked to was a little rude...oh well, she will have to deal with me for another 7 months:)

Yes, I will just be going to my regular OB....I can't wait to see our bun!!! I will be 10 weeks so I am excited to see the changes!!!

Jennifer said...

Yea!!!!!!! You are making progress! I love the perinatal center and with the twins, I was high risk. I dealt with all of them after being in the hospital on bed rest for so long. Who is your OB? My OB is Dr. Jewell with OBGYN physicians at St. Johns. Is that where you will deliver? Can't wait to hear updates. Want to email me: