Can I get a Ma Ma

So maybe Logan didn't know what he was saying, but we got a definite "ma-ma" out of him yesterday. He was getting a little fussy when all of the sudden it was plain as day, Dave and I both looked at each other like, "did you hear that?". I realize that he has no idea I am mama, but it was just cool to hear something other than goo. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of many dada's, baba's, and my personal favorite, mama's:)

With Halloween fast approaching I have decided that we are not going to subject him to a costume this year. I bought him a cute little dalmatian one, but he just looked so uncomfortable in it. He has a cute little Halloween outfit that will be just fine, however, I may regret this later:)

He made such a cute lil puppy dog!!

Not quite sure what this face is???

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Jodie and Kevin said...

Hi Kylee! Logan looks too adorable for you NOT to dress him up on Halloween. No questions allowed. Put him in it :)