Room for complaints...

Tomorrow Logan will be 4 months old and I think he is already developing a little tude. There is a clear difference between when he is crying (hungry, sleepy) and when he is just complaining...the complaining usually turns into crying if his demands are not met.

Logan lets momma know he is done!!!

Four months is about when you can start solids. Nothing too exciting at first, just some rice cereal and oatmeal, but a definite step forward. I am so anxious to see what he thinks of something other than formula. His 4 month appointment is not until Monday so we will see if the Dr thinks that he is in fact ready for solids. Just in case, we already got the highchair together and let Logan test it out...

Looks like he is ready and loving his new highchair

Where's the food???

Such a ham!!!

Sporting a hoodie:)

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