Is there Miracle Grow in the formula???

Logan went for his 4 month appointment on Tues and he is growing like a weed...a very large weed. He was 28 inches long and 18lbs 3.5oz. That puts him in the 100% percentile for length and 95% percentile for weight. Last time his head was normal at 64%, but it made quite a jump to the 86% percentile. He is just big and oh so kissable. He is sooo ticklish it is hysterical. When you get the right spot he is like the Pillsbury dough boy:) Hopefully, when he is mobile he will want to move around and not be a couch potato. I realize that right now he doesn't really have a choice in the matter, but he rolls on his side just to watch TV.

Watching "That 70's show"...

Over the weekend Logan got to meet his twin second cousins. It was so cute, the first thing he did when we stuck him in the middle of them was grab both of their hands, it was hilarious. The twins are a day older than his cousin Audrey so I can't wait to see how Audrey and him interact when we go up to Chicago this weekend.

Logan with his cousins Preston and Kaylynn

I was getting a little worried that whenever we put him on tummy time he would turn his head and gnaw on his hand. Well, on Saturday when I put him on his tummy he lifted his head right up.

This is too much work...I'd rather be watching TV:)

Logan still isn't too crazy about his swing...that is unless daddy is pushing him in it. Every time the swing would come back to Dave, Logan would crack up laughing.

Trying with all his might to have a conversation with me.

His 4 month pic...this is totally a face that Dave makes!!!

Logan has a new fascination with his feet, especially his left one. He loves to grab on to them. He can not quite get them to his mouth yet, but when he can he will snacking on them night and day:) The band-aid on his leg is from his 4 month shot.

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