Here we grow again....

Or should I say, her "I" grow again:) I have heard that you show quicker with your second pregnancy, but I am now living that statement. I am about 13 1/2 weeks and holy baby belly. In the morning it is mediocre, but at night it is HUGE!!! I know it is going to get MUCH bigger, but I just don't remember any of least not so soon. I do realize that my food choices were not that great during my nausea period, but I am finally feeling better and able to eat healthier. Uh, not that I always do:)

I am also getting a little more energy back and therefore, able to do a little walking. I can't wait to take it to the streets and get outside. We have gotten some really great days here in the Lou, but it is still not consistent. The extra hour of sunlight in the evenings is really helping too.

Logan LOVES it outside. He would live out there if he could. He has already gotten some scrapes and boo boo's from running around like a mad man!! I am so looking forward to taking him to the pool this year. He loves the bathtub, so I am sure he will love the pool. Bring on the summer.

My belly is still not big enough for him to fully understand what is going on. Not that he will even once my belly is bigger, but I think he might be a little more aware of it. We will see.

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