Game On

We are officially checked in and are settling into are room. At 6pm they gave me the Cytotech insert and they will check things in 6 hours. The doctor seems to think that the Cytotech is better for the onset of labor. His guess for delivery is tomorrow evening so we will see how close he really is. As of 6:14 there are no contractions or dilation so we will know more in about 6 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you guys!!! Good luck with the delivery!

Anonymous said...

I know your busy! We need an update!!!! All will go well cant wait to see you guys soon.

Jodie and Kevin said...

Uhhh Mommy - where are you??

Phyllis told Kevin last night that you gave birth to a healthy Mr. Bun and now I want details.

You said "Game On" so now I want the play by play action packed details that we have all come to love on your blog.