So, this is mommyhood..

I have now been home alone with Logan for a whole week. I have to admit that Sunday night I was scared and not to thrilled that Dave had to go back to work. It has been fairly easy (I will regret saying that I am sure). I need to start taking more naps when he naps, but there is always something to be done.

The diaper changing had been quick until about yesterday. Logan poops like every 3 hours and he pees like a fire hose. Now that his goods have healed from the circumcision he has peed on the wall and himself (mommy hasn't gotten hit yet, but I am sure it will come). He is not the biggest fan of getting his diaper changed, but once snuggled back up he is fine.

I am trying to interact with him as much a possible, but it is hard considering he usually wants to go to sleep after he eats, it is like a cycle. We gave him his first bath last night and he didn't mind being in the water, but he was not happy when we took him out...he hates to be cold just like his momma.

I can't stop staring at him and taking the same picture over and over again..he is my precious little man and I am captivated by his little faces and sounds. I am constantly listening to him to make sure his breathing, everyone says they do that, but you don't realize how freaked out you will be until they are here.

Baby Burrito

I am looking forward to being able to get out of the house and take him for walks in the morning. I feel fine, but I am sure that I should not be taking walks just yet. I am not even supposed to be driving yet.

As of now it is pretty routine, but give me a couple weeks and I am sure it will be a different story:)

His profile is just like the ultrasound pics

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